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Vision,Message & Goals
Striving to achieve the highest standards of quality and academic accreditation in education, rehabilitation and scientific research for both faculty members and students, serving the local community, combining authenticity and modernity, preserving social and legal values and applying the spirit of legal texts,upgrading the legal and judicial reality through scientific research and preparing students who are scientifically, intellectually and behaviorally qualified to perform their active role in society.

Preparing graduates who are scientifically and theoretically qualified in line with the needs of the local community and the region, armed with theoretical legal knowledge in various branches of law as well as the ability to deal with judicial applications and providing graduates with basic knowledge and means of scientific research and the use of legal knowledge sources that facilitate them to complete their studies and research,as well as providing graduates with the skills necessary to qualify them in communication with others and team spirit with strong beliefs that serve their society with sincerity and Truthfulness.

Core values:
  1. Total quality.
  2. Upgrading of knowledge.
  3. Scientific ethics and integrity.
  4. Commitment.
  5. Teamwork.
  6. Self-learning and continuing education.
  7. Encouraging scientific research.
  8. Creativity and innovation.
  9. Universality of thinking.
  10. Development and modernization.
Faculty Goals:
  1. Providing opportunities for higher education and specialization in the field of rights and judicial work, and contributing to providing society with specialists and experts in those fields.
  2. Developing knowledge by doing and encouraging scientific research, whether by faculty members or students, and employing it in solving problems and development issues.
  3. Building the student's personality in its various dimensions in accordance with the Arab and Islamic values system, with an emphasis on the methodology of scientific thinking, initiative, a sense of responsibility and then work and public service, and strengthening the student's belonging to his/ her country and nation to be a good and reconciled individual at the same time.
  4. Opening postgraduate programs in various legal disciplines, in line with the needs of the local and regional labor market.
  5. Paying attention to the Arabic language in teaching and scientific research and working on transferring knowledge from its various sources into the Arabic language.
  6. Strengthening scientific ties with the corresponding faculties of law in local, Arab, Islamic and international universities and exchanging experiences with them.
  7. Organizing specialized scientific conferences and seminars that raise the issue of solving a specific problem or several problems related to legal and judicial development issues.
  8. Seeking to attract faculty members with distinguished scientific expertise and competence.
  9. Enable the student to do the work related to his specialization.
  10. Serving the community and contributing to its development and solving its problems through training courses for workers in various judicial institutions and providing expertise and specialized advice in practical aspects.