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About the Faculty

The faculty of law at Zarqa University has been established with the University establishment in 1994. To grant is bachelor degree in law. The college holds a scientific conference when needed and it conducts a scientific day each year.

The college contributes in achieving its scientific and social mission, it constitutes an attribute to various sectors on the national and regional level by human recourses that are scientifically and professionally qualified, and contribute in building and development process; faculty of law includes a faculty staff that is competent with distinguished scientific and practical expertise and qualifications. The faculty consists of one department that is law with its two parts – public and private.

The Achievements of the Faculty:

Faculty of law has attained distinguished achievements since its establishment up to now on both scientific and practical levels, such as:

  1. Establishment of virtual court hall, preparing imaginary court sessions and participating the international tournament in this regard.
  2. Research activities, published in certified and scientific national and international Journals, and the authorship of college text books that are taught by the Jordanian Universities.
  3. Conducting scientific conferences, and preparing for future ones.
  4. Annually holding a scientific day where, scientists, Judges and law personnel discuss essential issues that affect the legal path at all levels.
  5. Graduating a number of students who are qualified to work at different public and judiciary facilities.
Scope of graduates work:

Faculty of law graduate can work in all legal, justice public and private according the fields due to comprehensive courses which are given in the faculty especially to appear in court, and court proceedings. And Infornt of Judges. They can work also at the ministry of justice or in consultation and research. Faculty's study system:

  1. The faculty grants a bachelor degree to students who complete 132 credit hours according to the study plan, on the condition of student's accumulative average must not be less than 60%.
  2. Minimum study's duration for qualified students to have their BA degree is (3) Academic years while (7) Academic years as maximum. An Academic year consists of two semesters and summer semester which it is optional.