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About the Program

The study plan for the Bachelor of Science in Physics program includes 132 credit hours distributed as follows:
27 hours compulsory and elective university requirements,
21 hours compulsory college requirements,
9 hours support requirements,
63 hours compulsory specialty requirements
9 hours optional specialty requirements
3 free hours.
The study plan covers all the main cognitive competences and fields of physics in:

  1. Classical physics (classical mechanics, electromagnetic theory, thermodynamics, statistics, wave physics and vibrations)
  2. Modern physics (quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, elementary particles, laser physics and atomic spectroscoes)
  3. Experimental physics: The study plan includes six basic laboratories to gain experience in experimental physics where it verifies most of the theoretical concepts being studied through specialized and equipped laboratories.
  4. Mathematical and computational physics: The student studies two courses in mathematical physics which aims at obtaining the student a solid mathematical background and equipped them with various methods that enable them to deal with different issues and dilemmas in various branches of physics in addition to a course in computer physics supported by a laboratory to train the use of computer methods and algorithms in reaching accurate solutions to different physical issues.

It is worth mentioning that the current study plan includes a wide range of requirements of the elective specialization, of which the student studies 9 credit hours according to his interests, and finally the student in the program of physics and after passing the study of 90 credit hours entitled to register the research project, which culminates what he learned through his study to research in one of the selected physical issues, which refines the student and puts him on the first steps of research and experimentation.