About The Faculty


In accordance with the University’s long-term strategy , the Deanships for Graduate Studies has been separated from the Scientific Research Deanship at the outset of the academic year 2014/2015.Gradute Studies Deanship supervises master programs at the university and provides the environment that promotes and enhances the quality of graduate education. It tries to foster excellence in teaching and research to meet the community needs and address authentic problems in public and private sectors. The faculty aims at attracting gifted students from different cultural backgrounds and continuously works to cope up with scientific development to improve the study plans and guarantee quality assurance in graduate studies of the specializations offered.

Future Programs

The faculty is constantly updating all programs and opening new ones that cope up with the changing social and international demands .Two new programs were approved by the accreditation council, namely, MBA and software engineering. Interdisciplinary programs will soon start between faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Science, Information Technology, Law and Engineering. The fact that the Faculty of Law has won the Tembos award sponsored by the European Union has encouraged the university to think of PhD Programs. The faculty encourages student's innovation and creativity in addressing authentic issues when choosing their dissertations topics so that their findings could account for problems in their local community and help them approach the job market effectively.