Deans Students Affairs Students’ Care and Service
Students’ Care and Service


Students’ Care and Service

The SCSS aims to raise the level of the students’ care and services in meeting their needs.


Providing a healthy, secure and stable university life which encourages students’ learning, creativity and distinction.


Improving the meeting of students’ needs and desires by means of distinguished services


• Raising the level of services provided to the students.
• Following up with students’ issues.
• Raising students’ university culture.
• Helping in students’ financial needs.
• Planting and consolidating the concept of action in students.
• Developing students’ scientific and practical skills in the field of employment.
• Enhancing the students’ concept of self-reliance and independence.
• Introducing ZU’s regulations to the students .

The SCSS is entrusted with the following tasks:

1. Receiving new students.
2. Issuing university ID cards, whether new or replacing one lost or damaged.
3. Receiving students’ scholarship and employment applications and providing the Students’ Fund Committee with a practical report.
4. Receiving and returning lost properties.
5. Renting iron cupboards to students and following up with their subscription renewal every semester.
6. Following the level of services provided to the students and making recommendations for improvement.
7. Issuing certificates of Good Conduct to those who need them.