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Evening Studies Program

The Evening Studies idea is aimed at giving the opportunity of completing university education to the public and private sectors’ employees, which would improve their scientific proficiency and occupation status. Through the program, ZU has employed its financial, academic and technical potential to overcome all the obstacles before those willing to obtain the first university degree.

ZU has offered the program since the beginning of the academic year 2000 / 2001, and students started to enroll in the specialties of English Language and Literature, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Law, Business Management, Management Information Systems, Accounting, and Financial and Banking Sciences.

ZU is keen on providing the necessary services during their study time, by extending the working hours of the staff in the Admission and Registration Directorate, Finance Directorate and Deanship of students’ Affairs. It also secures transportation, library, internet, restaurants, clinic, bookshop and sport facilities.

A comprehensive schedule is offered by ZU in the period 4:00-7:00 pm, in addition to allowing the program students to register in the Morning schedule in the afternoon.

ZU is also keen on offering promotional discounts for the program students amounting to 60% in most specialties, aimed at giving the chance for the students working in the day to study in the evening.

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