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Scholarship Regulations
- The one nominated to the scholarship must:
1. Be of a Jordanian nationality.
2. Have the qualifications required for the scholarship.
3. Have the terms as published in the newspaper.
4. Be no more than 30 and 35 years of age for the M.A. and PhD. respectively.
5. Have acquired at least good grade in his BA.
6. Have passed TOEFL or IELTS.
7. Pass the unified standard written examination of the university.
- He shall be nominated according to a resolution of the council of deans as recommended by the council of department and faculty.
- The student shall sign a pledge to serve in the university for a period which equals 3 times the duration of his scholarship, while in the part-time scholarship; he has to serve 2 years for every year. Any part of the year of the scholarship shall be a whole year for the purpose of service in the university.
- The student shall present a real estate mortgage of the first class that equals one and a half in value the sum of money the university would spend on him and any other exemptions he would obtain because of this scholarship. He or his guarantor shall repay them in case that his obligations are not duly met.
- The legal authorities of the university shall review and recognize the documents of mortgage, guarantees and the agreements.
- Upon on a resolution by the Council of Deans, any guarantee may be replaced with part of the value of the mortgage.

- ZU shall secure the following for the student:
1. A travelling returns ticket of tourist class for only once, unless decided otherwise by the council of deans.
2. The university fees, unless he is exempted for any reason.
3. The expenses of typing the dissertation, which should not exceed 500 JD.
4. The monthly stipend as decided in the regulations: £1200 for the married, and £1000 for the single
5. The prices of books and notebooks of 200 JD yearly.
6. The university contributes to the health insurance expenditures, but should not exceed the monthly allocation.
7. An insurance policy for life and total disability during his study period, which equals the scholarship expenditures, provided that he is the only policy beneficiary.

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