Centers Computer Center About the center
he computer center is considered to be the technological heart of Zarqa University. Founded in 1994 with the university, this center remains active in providing all that’s new in IT and databases through four divisions:

    -          Network and engineering
    -          System development and programing
    -          Computer maintenance
    -          Call center

The computer center provides several technology services such as email and online services. It also provides various systems and connects them with database while providing the necessary protection using proper technologies. As well as the vital role it has in setting, studying, and following up with computer data. The center also provides the proper maintenance for all printers and equipment as well as making sure that the university’s network is constantly working.

In accordance with the continued progress of information technology as well as the university’s high beliefs, the center has made it a mission to develop the university’s systems to fit the internet services by creating exceptional electronic systems that will meet all demands from departments and faculties of the university. And to achieve such goal, the center uses the latest IT databases and programing languages as seen below:

-          Main database: ORACLE  database 11g
-          For system programing: Developer 6i/ developer 10g/  J2EE
-          Website programing:

The call center is also guaranteed to work properly by providing maintenance and quick response mechanisms for incoming and outgoing calls

The computer center also includes a control center for security cameras which are distributed inside buildings and on campus. The cameras are connected to specially equipped LCD monitors to report any trouble or emergency which can occur at any time.

The internet services in Zarqa University is fast and operates using microwave technology which works wirelessly so the speed can be increased without extending additional lines which saves cost ant limits disconnections. This service was first activated in early 2010 at a speed of 60Mbps.

Dr. Amer Abu salem